Hello, my name is Marie Sutcliffe, I am an ordinary person with a passion for life and helping others to see and achieve their own potential. I am a wife, to Steven, a mother of 3 grown up boys and a very proud grandma of 1. I am about to enter my 60th year in this current lifetime

From a very early age i was always curious about the voices and the beings i saw around me, but was told by my parents to take no notice as they were not real, they were imaginary and only existed in my mind. As i started to grow I suppose nothing else mattered as the meaning of life was very complex and hard. There was still the odd reminder of spirit present but still chose to ignore the signs and synchronicities and eventually fell out with god and life in a big way. To be honest i wasn’t ready for any journey of any kind, I just wanted the world to stop so I could just get off. Well that didn’t happen and I am still here but with a very different view of life. To cut a very long story short, about 3 years ago, my so called world started to fall apart at the seams, parts of me started to fall away, I gave up my job and really fell into a deep depression of unworthiness and hatred for myself and the world in general. I had my husband as support but i couldn’t pay my own way and felt useless to the point of self destruction.
One day whilst i was out walking, and pondering how i was going to cope, I heard a voice saying


With no idea how to do this I just closed my eyes and went inward, the rest is history. Now i was ready to listen. It’s been a long slow process that has had ups and downs, but small baby steps have been key on this journey. Learning to find the real me and who i am, and letting go of any illusions just makes so much sense now. I love my life and life loves me right back. The “Spiritual Gardener” was a name given to me by my beautiful team of helpers and co-creators in the spirit realm. At the time i didn’t understand what this meant, but now i fully understand and very grateful for their help always. Now i know who i am and i am ready to help others.