The Spiritual Gardener Healings currently provides 4 different services, see below for more details 

Hands on healing:

One to one, in person, by appointment only.
Hands on healing, intuitive messages may come forward.Relaxation at its best, helping you to become more grounded and clear thinking.

Sinking into self to help the energy to move more freely.

60 minutes @ £30.00

Removal of limitations:

One to one via Skype or Facebook Video Messenger or in person, by appointment only.
A deep dive at soul level to understand, love and release anything that prevents you from moving forward. It helps you to understand and release fears and limiting thinking that keeps you from living your true potential.

Honesty and truth are awaiting your arrival.

60 minutes @ £65.00


Distance Healing:

One to one via Skype or Facebook Messenger.

60 mins @ £30.00.

Oracle Card Readings:

All modalities to be done via Skype