Here are a few of the words from people who have used my services.
Marie is amazing. Such an intuitive healer with so many gifts to offer the world.
I highly recommend using her services. She will tune into you in ways no one ever has before.
You will feel brighter and lighter after a session with her whether in person or on Skype.
This beautiful soul is planting seeds and nurturing those on their journey of awakening, of how to heal, love and be in this world.

Denise Devlin July 12, 2019

Your healing is awesome Marie. I will definitely be booking in soon, what you did for me on my Kidney Stones was amazing,
and stopped me from having surgery by dissolving them as they had been stuck there for over 3 months....still cant thank you enough
for that, much love

Donna Meyers July 12, 2019

I had a session with Marie last night and really enjoyed it.I have never felt more relaxed and at ease.Also last night is the first time i have enjoyed a proper nights sleep in a while.I would highly recommend to anyone that is thinking about giving her a go. Thank you Marie

Abby Wilde August 3, 2019

I had a healing session with Marie today as i have problems with my nose, and i can alreadyfeel the difference and breathe through my nose again.Definitely would recommend her divine healing.She is a lovely person and i will be back for more healings.

Scott Foulds August 3, 2019

Marie is pure love and her genuine kindness puts you at ease straight away.She facilitates a safe space to explore what is needed and gently guides you to your wisdom, so you can realise the healing answers and self love you have within.I recommend working with Marie as she will provide empowerment and clarity using her intuition,experience, skills, and love and inner wisdom to help you find yours.She is beautiful inside and out.

Emma Hassan August 3, 2019

I have been and had an hour with Marie and her healing, and i think its amazing and would very highly recommend to others.

Suzanne Wilkinson August 3, 2019

Marie is one of the most authentic, intuitive and powerful humans I have ever met. I highly recommend!! She is so loving and compassionate. I was getting ready to have surgery to my left knee and I was in a lot of pain. It was suggested (intuitively) by our mutual friend that I get in touch with Marie and without hesitation I did as I already knew her gifts.

I explained my circumstances and she instructed me to place my hands on the area to have surgery. The energy was intense and I started speaking Light Language that was much stronger than usual. Marie was picking up on all my sensations not only to the knee but she asked if I was having stomach issues and yes, I most definitely was. Yeshua also appeared to me during the session. Afterward she told me that he works with her for healing. Mind blown!! It was one of the most powerful sessions I have ever had!!

The intense pain I was having became much more tolerable and the surgery was very successful. Within 8 days I was walking 2 miles. Pretty miraculous!!

Thank you, Marie, for sharing your gifts and for your presence in my life!!

Jeannette Smith Wesolowski August 16, 2019

Marie’s authentic love shines out. She is an intuitive healer with so so many amazing gifts. She worked with me, untangling some deep rooted emotion in a clear and direct way leaving me feeling so much lighter. Marie will tune into you in ways which support your growth. This spiritual gardener is so well named! She is planting seeds in each of us, helping us to nurture them so that we can heal, love and shine brighter in our lives .

Hilary Knowles August 16, 2019

Such reassuring words and Marie is so gentle and loving, she knows what you need to hear, she encourages you to be your best and let go of fear. She saw things only I keep private and we laughed and I cried because she has healed a very dark and scared place in my being. Thank you my friend, God bless you for being you and helping others ❤😘😍

Fidget gal October 17, 2019

Wow what can I say?
The beautiful Marie give me an amazing Tarot reading this afternoon, on point with my life's path at this moment in time.

Marie you have a beautiful Aura and do amazing work with love from not only source but within your heart centre which radiates.
Keep shinning your beautiful light...❤❤❤xxx
Thank you for your connection!🙏

Joan Conlon October 17, 2019